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Australia’s Preferred Milling & Bakery Equipment Suppliers & Servicers

Ensure your business is working with the very best. The highest-quality product is the product of the finest ingredients and the most accurate and precise machinery, so choose JB & Brothers for all plant and equipment for your commercial bakery. Working with some of the most respected bakery equipment manufacturers including Shick Esteve, Diosna, RONDO, GBT, KOMA, Pattyn, ABI and Unikon, we ensure that Australian and New Zealand organisations have the equipment they need to compete with international operations.

Sourcing only the best quality ovens, refrigeration units and bakery equipment supplies, we develop end-to-end solutions for businesses that go well beyond the point-of-sale, supporting them with preventative maintenance and spare parts for the lifespan of the system. Make the intelligent choice for your business and ensure you have the technological capabilities to meet the challenges of today and the next decade.

About Us 03

Why Choose JB & Brothers Pty Ltd

JB & Brothers attach great importance to long-term partnerships and therefore do more than just sell bakery tools and equipment. We will look after your systems long after selling them to you. We are a one stop shop for all types of bakery machinery including refrigeration units, packing machines, commercial ovens, bakery mixers, dough sheeters and mixers. Buying bakery equipment from us is the beginning of a long and beneficial relationship between our two companies, ensuring that you always have ready access to the most knowledgeable technicians and the latest plant and equipment.

The Benefits of JB & Brothers

  • Quality reliable industrial bakery equipment for sale
  • Professional installation, commissioning & training.
  • 24/7 support, spare parts service.
  • Manual silo cleaning.

About Us 07

JB & Brothers Pty Ltd is a company that is supplying professional bakery equipment to the Large and Small size Industrial bakeries within Australia and New Zealand. We represent Europe’s leading companies in material handling and dosing, dough mixing, dough processing and make-up, baking, cooling and freezing.

The company is also specialised in cleaning silos, maintenance and industrial painting.

JB & Brothers Pty Ltd started in 1992 by Jacob Balajan who has many years of experience in servicing the Milling and Baking industry.

Together with his highly motivated team his company stands for quality workmanship. Located in Sydney we offer dedicated service to all our clients.

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